Thursday, January 24, 2008

Special Projects

Meet my hunter, Caresse (Named after one of... fuck it, THE most awesome female I know).
That lovely tiger back there is Snuggles.
Only level 36, I think I'm doing quite well.
285 RAP with Hawk up, 173 Agility, 9.46% Crit, and 147 Stamina (just shy of 2k HP).
Shot speed of 1.73, and YES for the love of all that is hunterage I have an up-to-date scope. (+5 damage, best I could find.)
Snuggles has Cobra Reflexes, Claw, all that good stuff. Growl is under manual control.

I also have over 1000 HKs. Oops.

Oh, yeah, and 17 gold.

As alts go, I'm doing great.

And yes, this will always be an alt. To be honest, only reason I'm leveling a hunter is so I can farm stuff for my mage.
Ever tried farming Primal Fires as a fire mage? It ain't pretty.

So. Get a BM hunter to do it for me. Genious? I think so. Especially since, for some queer reason, I enjoy killing random mobs as a hunter. Who knew?
So, Caresse will become my lovely mats farmer, happily churning out primal fires whenever Rip needs him some spell damage enchants.

Second, in the efforts of creating a smarter mage community, I am working on some ridiculously simple videos of magely basics, covering such things as focus sheeping, and not pulling aggro.
Look for them here as soon as I figure out what this "Codex" thing Divx keeps asking me for.

Also leveling another mage for the sole purpose of getting nice footage for things like how to kite without frost nova, and other such lunacy.

Obviously, I can simply write out these necessary skills, and indeed, have done so in the past.
But the way I figures it, and everyone always says, watching something is far better than reading something.

I promise, something more angry tomorrow. Or an anecdote. Something besides all these helpful contributions to the world...


Leotheras down! On to Karathress! And then everybody died a lot. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

And I swear, if Aetherial Circle (you know who you are) downs Leo within a week of this, you guys CREEP ME RIGHT THE HELL OUT.
Stop doing stuff, like, EXACTLY like Anathema does.

Good God, they both start with the letter "A"...



TJ said...

A is the most suspicious letter!

Stephi said...



You win this time...


(Our next target is actually Fathom, not Leo XD)

in other news Maggy spanked us and now my ass is sore. Rematch next week! /grumblegrumble

Ghostkid said...

Yay videos! My level 50 mage needs lessons. At least I do. My son has leveled him while I work on the professions.

God forbid a mob comes my way while I'm on Pinkfarry. I Nova, Frostbolt until mob is free, Cone, and AoE until dead. I'm sure there's a better way of doing it, but I haven't practiced yet.

Euripedes said...

Heheh, we are going after Fathom Lord as well.

Personally, I missed it, but on the guild's best attempt got him to 45%.

Then proceeded to wipe 10 times in a row and called it a night.