Saturday, January 26, 2008


This is... like, the most awesome thing EVAR.

Blog Azeroth!

It's, like, basically all the big wig bloggers meeting together in this gigantic room open forum thing to chat about WoW.
We can do everything from discuss specific bloggy stuff, like how to do trackbacks on blogger, to what, exactly, is UP with the tooltip for Beastial Wrath?

It's like an asshat free version of the WoW forums, where everyone there is intelligent, respectful, and for the most part already kinda sorta know each other, or at least know OF each other.
For example, take BigBearButt. He probably hasn't the foggiest who I am, but I've been a reader of his since October. He totally stole my comment from here and used it in the title here. Either that, or we both think about hawt bear on bear action on a regular basis. Which, frankly, scares me.

Anyway... so, yeah. Blog Azeroth is the mostest coolest thing ever, and I already have it hotkeyed into my firefox.

And MOST importantly, I can access it from work, thus allowing me to spam and post there while going through the drudgery of my job. I would love to be able to post on my blog from work, but it hates me there.
I wonder if wordpress will work...

Speaking of wordpress, There is a very distinct possibility I will be making the jump over there shortly.
Gathering up all sorts of information, and then ~BAM~ I'll be a wordpress blogger.

Might even get my own domain and everything. I have more than enough cash for it.

Anyway, just like last week, my weekend is buggered to hell because of work again. Damn you FCC!
Won't be able to get a quality post out until Sunday, so expect more rubbish tomorrow.

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