Friday, January 25, 2008

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Stumpy said...

Ask and thou shalt (Why shalt instead of wilt, you might but probably wouldn't ask. Because Wilt is my bitch...and shalt needs the exp.)

I'm new to the PVP scene and have only suffered through enough to get my Gavel of awesome threat production. But my short experience led to a couple questions.

1.) Why are people incapable or choosing not to follow instructions? or possibly Is there a way to have group cohesion outside of a premade?

2.) Any idea's on how to make a Prot Pally no get owned by everything that isn't a dual wielding melee guy? or in general...Is there a way, in your experience, to make a prot spec PVP viable(Not AV)?

3.) I've started a Shammy alt and will be leveling Enhancement. I thought I'd enjoy some PVP action during my leveling. Any suggestions? Should I abandon the idea because I'm not intending to be a twink?

4.) Discuss the merits and um...demerits of crunchy vs creamy peanut butter.

Did any of those help for a post? Did I /kill boredom?

Even if the comment = the sucks.

yallazon said...

you should do a post on mage AOE.

I have been wondering if pure arcane blast spam with arcane subtly is better than fireblast/dragons breath/blastwave spam with 3/3 improved flamestrike (ie 60% crit rateing)

Something that I keep forgetting to test is if blastwave crits multiple targets does each crit gain the benefit of master of elements. So if you crit more than 3 times do you get mana back.


vox said...



ill bring cookies!

Ratshag said...


Euripedes said...

Oooh, excellent suggestions, all.

I especially like that whole AoE thing.

Expect some serious theory craft on that Monday/Tuesday. (Need the weekend to gather info on that MoE thing)

Stumpy... consider it almost but not quite done. =D

Vox, bring some of those amazing perogies you make. I lurvs them so.

Anonymous said...

I'm a 70 fire mage who is just starting to get interested in raiding. I see everywhere sites telling me to have my "consumables" ready for the runs, but no good lists of what consumables to have. I know healing/mana pots, but what other magely suggestions do you have?

A post on "newbies" getting ready for raids would be nice. I haven't instanced much getting here unfortunately so some of that may be obvious.